Grilling Season Is Here!

Summer is here, let the grilling begin! But first, make sure you’re up to speed on these barbecue safety tips.

1. Check your hoses
Check your grill’s hoses for cracks, holes and crumbling. Look for blockages caused by food drips or bugs, especially in the tube that runs to the burners. Clean anything out using a wire or pipe cleaner.

2. Look for leaks
To see if the hose that runs to the gas tank has any leaks, apply a solution that is equal parts liquid soap and water solution to the hose with a brush or spray bottle. Turn on the tank. If bubbles appear, you’ve got a leak.

3. Stay connected
Check that the major connection points between the hoses, cylinders and burners are tight.

4. Predict the drips
Adjust hoses so they are not sitting where hot grease is likely to fall on them. Be sure to place them away from the heat.

5. Add space for safety
Make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your house. Don’t use your grill underneath wooden overhangs.

6. Arm yourself
Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it. The few minutes you might take to read the instructions when a fire starts might cost you much more than burned steaks.

7. Put it out
Keep baking soda nearby for smothering grease fires.

8. Watch for rust
If you use a metal charcoal grill, check for rust damage that could allow hot coals to fall through the grates.

9. Never move a hot grill
Really, you can wait. Sit down and have another burger.

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