FHA 203(h) Disaster Loan 


In light of the recent devastation in Texas, and to Florida, Nations Lending will open up the 203(h) program to the affected borrowers. This program offers 0% down in the purchase or reconstruction of a new home to victims of a Presidentially-Declared Major Disaster Area (PDMDA)! Below are the specific requirements that will be needed using this program.



  The case number must be assigned within 1 year of the PDMDA

  The mortgaged property must be the borrower’s principal residence

  The previous residence must have been located in a PDMDA and destroyed or damaged to an extent that replacement is necessary

  The newly purchased property must be a single family residence or an FHA approved condo.

  Manufactured homes and multi-unit properties are NOT eligible

  Every effort should be made to obtain traditional document for employment, assets, and credit – these attempts MUST be documented if alternative documentation is being used

  The Mortgagee MUST Document and verify that the Borrower’s previous residence was in the disaster area, and was destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary.

  Documentation attesting to the damage of the previous house MUST accompany the mortgage application. Attestation from the borrower alone will NOT be sufficient

  If purchasing a new house, the house need not be located in the area where the previous house was located.



  100% LTV allowed, case number MUST be ordered as a 203(h)

  Loans underwritten in house will be PURCHASE ONLY

  580Minimum score required (Risk will review scores under 580 on a case by case basis)

  If derogatory credit is present, we may consider the borrower to a satisfactory credit risk if the credit report indicates satisfactory credit prior to the disaster

  Short term employment may be used for calculation of effective income if obtained following the disaster

  Bonus and Overtime income may not be eligible if traditional income documentation cannot be obtained


For the purchase program, the mortgage payment on the destroyed residence may be excluded IF:

o   Verification that the borrower is working with the servicing mortgagee to appropriately address the mortgage obligation; AND

o   Verification is provided that any property insurance proceeds were applied to the mortgage of the damaged home

o   If these two items are not sufficiently verified, the mortgage payment will need to be included in the ratios

  Late payments on a previous obligation on a property that was destroyed may be disregarded, where the late payments were a result of the disaster AND the borrower was not three or more months delinquent on the mortgage at the time of the disaster

  Loans will be underwritten by select underwriters in the affected regions


For more information, please contact:


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