When To Start Packing For A Move


The minute you decide you may want to sell is the time you should consider cleaning out and packing. The more time you have, the better. Initially, organization is what is needed. But, once you are under contract, the hard work begins. Enlist everyone you can from friends to professionals to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. 


How to pack for your big move

Schedule moving services ASAP: Professional movers book up quickly so scheduling them should be your first priority. If you’re planning on moving yourself – schedule friends and family members to help too. Don’t overlook moving truck rental companies, such as U-HAUL, as well! The cost to rent one truck is worth it in how much time you will save not needing to take several trips back and forth.

Gather moving supplies: When it comes to how to pack for a move, gather your moving supplies.  Markers, tape, bubble wrap, paper, trash bags, and boxes. You can find moving supplies at home improvement stores and moving truck rental sites. If you want to reuse and recycle: local groups and supermarkets can be a great place to find gently used boxes.

Tackle one room at a time: It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so the best way to pack for moving is to tackle one room at a time.  Then, move room to room, crossing each one off your list.

  1. Sort your belongings: If you plan ahead, you can stay organized packing for a move As you work through each room, sort your belongings into the following categories:
    • Donate: Donate to charity or give to friends and family.
    • Get rid of: Trash or recycle.
    • Keep: Take it with you.
    • Day 1: These are things you’ll need to access right away, like a change of clothes, bed linens, toiletries, some basic cleaning supplies, and a few dishes.

Label everything:  Labeling each box will streamline the unpacking process. Make sure to label boxes with where they’ll go in your new home. That way, movers can easily get things into the right room, which saves you from having to search for items.

Purge the excess: Get rid of stuff now! There’s no point in moving items you’re never going to use, so donate to your favorite charity or take a trip to the garbage dump.

Pack efficiently: Maximize space by finding the most effective way to pack. Use linens and towels to wrap breakable items, and make use of your luggage to pack clothing or household items.

Pay attention to weight: It might seem obvious, but remember to pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter-weight items in big boxes. It’s much easier to move a small box of books and a large box of pillows.


Moving Day

Hire a sitter: Kids and pets can make moving day extra stressful. Consider hiring a babysitter or pet sitter so you can get everything into place before you set off to your new home.

Be organized: If you have help from friends and family, give them clear instructions like “take that pile for donations” or “box everything in this cabinet.”  This will keep the day running smoothly.

Follow moving company rules: If you’re hiring movers, one of the most important packing tips for moving is to read your contract. Often, they have restrictions on certain types of items, like things that are flammable, corrosive, perishable, oversized, or exceedingly difficult to move. Make sure you know ahead of time what they’re willing to move and what they’re not.

Pick the right date: When choosing your moving date, be strategic. You may want a lower moving rate offered through certain days or there may only certain days when you are likely to get people to help. 

Above all else, be excited! All this work will get you to your goal of a new home!