A yard sale can be a great way to clear out some old items and to pocket some extra cash. Whether you are moving and want to ditch items you no longer want or need or you are just trying to de-clutter your current home, here are a few tips to help you hold a successful yard sale.

Schedule it Right

Weekend mornings are traditionally when most people host yard sales, but you can attempt to host yours on a different day or at a different time so there is less competition. Timing your yard sale early in the morning or in the late afternoon commuting hours could help get more people to your yard sale. You could also try to arrange your yard sale at a time when there is a local event so that you already have a solid audience.


Put up signs around your neighborhood, in your local coffee shop and anywhere else you think people might see it. Online announcements on Craigslist, Nextdoor.com, Facebook or other social media sites can also help spread the word. List some big-ticket items that you will be selling to help lure people in. Make the signs simple with your address and the date of the yard sale.

Be Prepared

Are you selling a lot of accessories or clothes? Have a mirror set up so people can see how things look. If you are selling small electronics or appliances, make sure you have batteries or an extension cord readily available so they can see how it works. Make sure you also have plenty of small bills and coins on hand so that you can make change for customers.

Be Organized

Be as organized as possible and group like items together to make it easy for the customers to shop. You will deter a lot of people if your yard sale looks like a bunch of random items thrown together on a table. People want to get in and out quickly. Take some time to just make things as tidy as possible.

Price Fairly

The rule of thumb for a good yard sale is to sell items at 10 to 25 percent of its original value. Many people are not looking to spend a lot so try to avoid pricing things over $150. Selling a big-ticket item online may be more effective. Toward the end of your yard sale, make everything 50 percent off so you can try to get rid of everything left. You could also bundle items together like 5 CDs for $10, etc. This will also help you get rid of even more items.

Be Safe

Most yard-sale shoppers are good people, but beware of any bad apples. Don’t let anyone use your bathroom or enter your home and make sure your doors are locked during the sale. Safeguard your money and keep big bills in your pocket. You may also consider wearing an apron to keep bills and change in as well.

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